. A hawk flying at a height of 60 feet spots a rabbit on the ground. If the hawk dives at a speed of 55 feet per second, howlong will it take the hawk to reach the rabbit?(Hint: A model for the vertical motion of a projected object is given by the equation h = -16t2 + vt + s, where h is the heightin feet, t is the time in seconds, v is the initial velocity in feet per second, and s is the starting height of the object in feet. Usethis equation to find the time taken by the hawk to reach the rabbit.

Accepted Solution

Answer:The hawk reaches the rabbit at t=4.3 secStep-by-step explanation:Leth ----> is the height in feett ----> is the time in secondsv ---> the initial velocity in feet pr seconds ----- is the starting heightwe have[tex]h=-16t^{2} +vt+s[/tex]when the hawk reaches the rabbit the value of h is equal to zerowe have[tex]v=55\ ft/sec[/tex][tex]s=60\ ft[/tex]substitute[tex]0=-16t^{2} +55t+60[/tex]Solve the quadratic equation by graphingThe solution is t=4.3 secsee the attached figure